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 Global Rules Must Read

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PostSubject: Global Rules Must Read   Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:58 pm

Forum Rules

1)No negative comments toward other members.
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Constructive criticism only. Debates and disagreements are to be expected, but there should be no personal attacks or needless flaming.

2)No Spamming or making needless posts.
Spamming includes posts that do not contain any useful information such as ‘lol’ or just a smiley. Also, avoid having personal conversations that only involve a specific group of people. Those belong in PMs. Making multiple posts containing the same message/idea is also considered spam.

3)Observe all additional rules posted each forum.
Forums such as the 'Resources’ forum have more specific rules posted.

4)When creating a new topic use appropriate subject lines.
‘Help!!!!’ or ‘Question’ are not expectable. Readers should have a basic idea what the topic is about before clicking on thread.

5)Shameless linking/advertising to other sites.
It is perfectly fine to mention other sites, sources, and such, but they should be appropriate. If a topic isn’t discussing it, don’t needlessly bring it up. If you have a site you want to mention or advertise, post about it in the off-topic forums, Chit-Chat

6)Don’t have excessively large signatures.
The image shouldn’t be so wide that it messes up the format of the forums. Also, only use one large signature image. You can have smaller ones, but don’t have three big ones stacked up. Your signature area shouldn’t take up more room than the content of your posts do.

7)Do not post links to inappropriate sites.
These include pornography, torrent sites, or harmful sites.

8)Respect administrators and moderators.
It is ok to disagree, but discussing over pm / in private is much more appropriate. If a thread is locked, do not make an identical one. PM the mods asking for an appeal. You can publicly critique the moderation on the forums and voice your opinions, but blatant personal attacks are not permitted. Just keep it classy.

9)Use the search function.
If a new member forgets, be nice and remind them, but don’t just say ‘Search’ or post a link to Google. Try searching for them and link them to the resulting page, or just don’t respond at all.

10)Do not bump posts needlessly.
However, the appropriate time period is relative to each forum. In popular threads just as the ‘Questions’ forums, wait at least 24 hours. For Active servers and such wait until the topic has been knocked down a good amount of slots, but don’t just bump it, give us an update!

11)Avoid necroposting.
Posting in an old topic that is related to your question is encouraged, but don’t just post ‘sweet idea’ in a month old thread. If you are going to bring it back to life, make it worth everyone’s time. The 'Tutorials' forum is exempt from this rule, assuming that the post is not in violation of rule 2 with regards to spam.

12) Do not swear at anyone.
Profanity is acceptable when not directed hatefully at a person and in moderation. Excessive swearing with an overall negative tone is not allowed. Racism or homosexual jokes/comments will not be tolerated.

13)Do not back-seat moderate.
If someone breaks a rule either report a post or pm a mod. If you submit a warning, do not reply to the reported post stating that you warned the author.

14) No Flame Wars.
A flame war will be designated as a group of 3 or more posts from 2 or more members, either in a row, or within the same topic that have derogatory content against another member, or group of people, members, races, etc.

15) Use of a proxy account to bypass a ban is forbidden.
This includes both permanent and temporary bans. Also, having other members post direct quotes in your absence is not allowed; both parties will be held at fault. Failure to follow this rule will result in the proxy account being banned and the original account's ban to be reset to the initial value at the start of the ban.

16) No posting/displaying of sexually explicit content.
The display of sexually explicit content is not permitted on the forums.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, Once you are out of Warnings you will be banned. It depends on the severity of the rule broken and if the offender is a repeater. If you do receive a warning however, don’t worry about it too much. It is just a warning, nothing else. PMing the mods to complain about a warning won’t get you anywhere. If you disagree with a moderators actions, pm us RESPECTFULLY. If you use respect there won’t be any punishment, hopefully both sides can reach an understanding.
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Global Rules Must Read
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